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Cookie Monsta – Where’s My Cookie Mix

March 24, 2010

Cookie Monsta‘s mix tape “Where’s My Cookie”, presented by Take Flight Club, is so filthy I had to brush my teeth and use baby wipes after listening to it.

1- The Unidentified
2- The Monsta’s Twitch
3- Mad Man’s Creation
4- B.R.O.C.K O.U.T
5- Fat Girl Rodeo
6- AntiChrist
7- Can You Guess What It Is Yet?
8- Change Your Heart
9- Dont Touch That!
10- Me Want Cookie
11- Nipple Twist
12- Mr Ragga
13- Disco Biscuit
14- Mean Machine
15- I Know Jutistu
16- Fresh
17- Infinate Powers
18- Skills
19- The Screamer
20- Bare Knuckle
21- You Can Do It (Slap Head Mix)
22- Swamp monsta
23- Blurgh!
24- Dirty Monsta
25- Symphony Skank
26- More than just A Wobble
27- Double Drip Drop
28- Lost It
29- 3rd Leg
30- Fixed Penalty! I Was Like RAH!
31- Reverb Sex
32- Inner Thoughts
33- Just Blaze
34- To Hell and Back
35- Electronic Psycho

16Bit remixes Plan B

March 24, 2010
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Check out the new 16Bit remix of  Plan B “She Said” . Always a high quality production, the tracks rising strings lead into grimey beats and Plan B’s vocals. And 16 bars later, pure grunge bass! Anotha killa!

Plan B – She Said (16Bit remix)


March 8, 2010

Shy FX is one of the first names in the uk jungle scene from day one. Some favorites are Original Nuttah, Feelings, and here the new Shy FX  remix of DONAEO “Riot Music”.

Riot Music (Shy FX remix) – Donaeo

Bonus amen bizzness:

Riot Music- SKREAM Remix via Rock The Dub

Original Nuttah-UK Apache/Shy FX

Plague – A Brilliant Indie Zombie Movie

March 8, 2010

PLAGUE, a indie short film from Anthead films, is about about a Russian gunrunners slow process into isolation and loneliness in a world gone zombie. It goes to show that talent easily can stand up against the thousands of terrible zombie movies out there. It has received great reviews from all that seen it,  I really liked viewing this with headphones/nice speakers in the here is the official screener:

PLAGUE – OFFICIAL SCREENER from Matt Simpson on Vimeo.

SUBSOURCE – This is how it should be done

March 8, 2010

SUBSOURCE is the bees knees. This band is why I started this blog , to help promote passionate  creations in all its forms. Holy crap! These dudes are seriously talented at destroying crowds, complete party vibes. No prerecorded sets here fella,  SUBSOURCE brings the live band element to the game with supreme results. Consisting of a vocalist/mc, vocalst/standup bass player/mowhawk,  synth/electronics, guitarist, drummer, SUBSOURCE  musical future is bright. Here is what they say about themselves:

“Four years ago, 20 miles south of central London, four people went into a studio to start a war. Fucked off with so-called live dance acts mincing behind laptops, and rock acts with no more substance than the product in their hair we decided things had to change.The snarl of Punk, the oscillating sub bass of dubstep, the harrowing melody of coldwave all had to be in there with as much of electronica’s glitches and edits, hip-hop’s flows, the galloping ferocity of drum’n’bass and metal as possible. No subgenre’s safe from the “treatment.” The vivisection becomes complete when firing up the live beast. Amalgamated from double bass, synths, drums, guitars, and vocals, like an amphetamised Rottweiler running riot through a free warehouse party, tearing holes in speaker cones, our live shows leave saucer eyed audiences writhing in sweat-drenched ecstasy.This is not a war of conflict but a war of unification. Ravers throw shapes, as Rockers bang heads, and Rude Bois throw their hands in the air. Subsource are a Beat and Bass driven Rock act representing the underground UK dance music scene. No treaty will be signed and the occupation will be total.”

A sneak preview of tracks of the album put together in a special 12-minute mixtape by DJ Shorty

Stagga – Dirty Syndney

March 7, 2010

Hilliarious video. A glimpse into intoxicated, filthy, jaw grinding humans. Oh and song is filthy also.

Chaka Khan – Musical Goddess

March 5, 2010

Chaka Khan is absolutely brilliant. She performed at the African American Festival here in Santa Barbara for FREE and had everyone screaming, dancing, crying, handwaving like we were at church. I will never forget that day, had my daughter on my shoulders, my parents were dancing, just one of those amazing days.You know. Anyways here is a few personal favorites including this amazing Chaka Khan cover of “Mercy, Mercy Me”, alongside the FUNK BROS, out take from the movie “Standing In The Shadow Of Motown”, which is a must see for anyone that has is breathing.

Chaka Khan- Clouds (Blackjoy Edit)


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